Free Music Collection: April 2012

Free Music Collection: April 2012

  • Celista – LP: The beats know no end. Mysterious “Icelandic” producer makes smooth and enticing beatscapes – personal favorite is the Biggie sampling “Brooklyn” $
  • RUMTUM – Beat Tapes I & II: Columbus producer off the heels of his release with fellow producer Monster Rally, has been releasing some really solid beat tapes. 16 minutes each, they are perfect for losing yourself for a moment in a day.
  • Maston – Voyages: The ‘one man psychedelic pop band’ from LA has a knack for flooding the nostalgia spaces in your brain, and simultaneously bringing you something fresh. $
  • DAY JOY – Animal Noise EP: Some extremely solid dream pop from the heart of Florida. Look for the mediafire link to the right of the page.
  • Thrupence – Voyages EP: The thoughtful beats of Jack Vanzet somehow cross over into the world of naturalistic music. Creating something natural out of something unnatural is quite the feat to behold.
  • Bronson – Moth: More experimental heartfeltedness than you can handle. Oddly straightforward croons, cutting to the core with the honesty of it.
  • XXYYXX – XXYYXX: The 16 year old Floridian is achieving sounds light years beyond his age. This is his sophomore s/t album filled to the brim with advanced beats, bright atmospheres, and doped-out samples. Color me impressed. $

  • Steam Orkestre - Steam Orkestre: Kitchen appliances falling down a bottomless pit, followed by an executive meeting underwater, followed by an impromptu assembly line by the spirits of deceased factory workers, and so on.
  • M. Sage – Chautauqua: 4 loops recorded and repeated at 10 minute intervals to make “cassette meditation music for slow afternoons in a landscape.”
  • Teen Suicide – DC snuff film: That surf punk band that decided to make some extra cash playing birthday parties but then decided one song in that they’d made a huge mistake and broke into a set of noise that left 2 kids really stoked and 13 others crying in their mother’s arms. They eventually warmed to the idea and softened up, but for most (and by the time the infamous skate witches made a cameo), the point of no return had already been crossed.
  • Walrus – Onetwotree: Adorable, slightly anxious hop-on-pop from Halifax.
  • Acid Aura – All Flows EP: For those sad souls who ride two bicycles… this should slide right into your headspace designated for acoustic ambient.


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