About Think or Smile

My name is Nathaniel Whitcomb, I’m a designer/artist/musicphile/digital explorer. If I were alive in 1510 I’d be a Renaissance man. Over the years I’ve found that sharing and chronicling have made my days a little more fulfilling. This is my most recent adventure, Think or Smile, it’s where I’ll be sharing the things I enjoy… art, music, design, technology, film, poetry, nature, ideas, food, cats, cities, things that remind us we’re human and things that make us forget. I like to experience all that I possibly can and when it all boils down I often find myself asking two questions? Did it make me think? Did it make me smile?  If I can share something that makes you pause for thought or give you a reason to enjoy the moment and smile, I’ll sleep well.

If you’re interested in any of my personal art/videos/experiments you can start exploring here:

If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on I’m all ears.. you can get a hold of me at thinkorsmile (at) gmail (dot) com or on twitter @thinkorsmile. I look forward to hearing from you.

I met Michael, virtually, in the summer of ’10 through this very site. Initially we talked music, he’s the drummer/manager of the Brooklyn based band Holy Spirits. Only a few weeks had passed and we’d already begun sharing ideas on how we could collaborate on a project together. Four month’s later we met for the first time the evening before our first show together where I was to perform live visuals along side the band. Michael is also associate editor at New Directions Publishing as well as a curator for the Supermachine Poetry Reading Series which has naturally steered many of our conversations to the topic of books, poetry and literature. He’s since been my go-to when in need of a reading recommendation. I’ve been continually impressed by the depth of obscure resources he has filed away and that’s why I’ve asked him to contribute a monthly feature on short prose and poetry to Think or Smile.

Stadiums & Shrines: Curated and written by Dave Sutton, aided by photo master Victoria Masters, S&S has become my go to when in need of something transcendental. Not in the sense of being beyond oneself (although that is an entirely possible side effect), but more in reference to the sounds he unearths. Dave artistically presents us with artists and experiences that have no concrete boundaries. Often ambient, psychedelic or atmospheric his finds will likely launch you into a journey of unknown destination.

Smoke Don’t Smoke: Tim Thompson, the mastermind behind SDS, welcomes the new with open arms. I’ve come to rely on Tim’s ear for exposing me to experimental pop, the kind of music that sounds both familiar and new at the same time. He’s integral in giving the blogosphere it’s first glimpse at budding bedroom artists. You can expect everything from synthpop to electro and beats to disco. All set against a sun drenched backdrop.

Friends With Both Arms: Curated and written by Nada Alic, FWBA is where I go to feel human again. I look to her for music that’s full of heart, soul and natural instruments. Nada has a distinct ability to provide you with a moment of comfort in the dizzying digital world, be it via word, sound or vision. You’ll find Canadian kindness and California warmth wrapped in one.

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