Free Music Collection: October 2011

With narrow gaps in the cloud cover leading the way, we set off on our monthly mission of sound collection. Our eyes become ensnared in the magnetic reds, weird-soul oranges and obscure yellows in a seemingly endless canopy of greens. On the road back we share tales of glo-fi funk, birthday mixes and thought escalators.

Join us, for journeys are better spent with friends.

Free Music Collection: October 2011

Think or Smile

Stadiums & Shrines

  • KYNAN – Garbage Beach: Rusted underwater space station polluting shoreline with shrapnel secrets of the weird-soul ooze, everyone wide-eyed and high, tie-dye sunbathing, smiling green.
  • Sad Souls – Apeiron: Apeiron (ἄπειρον) is a Greek word meaning unlimited, infinite or indefinite. Apeiron is also a light LP of thought escalators and spiraling guitar drone.
  • Sugarglider – Nobody: A rare strain of odd pop found in Edmonton water; they traced it back to the Wilson residence, where a guy named René recorded demos in his bedroom under a small, spinning disco ball.
  • Swim Ignorant Fire - Last Days: Take your first turn at damaged ambient, bare left up the sonic expressway, take a hard right over the guardrail, then go directly into the fire.
  • Gathered Ghosts – Gathered Ghosts: Guitar, autoharp…ocarina based potion from the basement of Craft Spells man Javier Suarez. Oddly enough the sweetest flavor is called “Gasoline”.

Smoke Don’t Smoke

Friends With Both Arms

  • Joe Doddard DFA Mix: Hot Chip’s Joe Doddard made an hour-long mix for DFA’s Radio Mix Series. I appreciate the Brandy-love.
  • Speaker Snacks Turns 2!: One of my favorite Colorado-based music blogs turned two, then made a mix for it.
  • Stereogum’s Sept Mixtape: Caveman, Family Band and Blouse- some new artists I’ve been into this season. There’s a few more goodies in there too.
  • Low Daytrotter Session: One of my favorite bands, Low, recorded a Daytrotter Session and it is beautiful. Moeller describes the band as, “pieces of a night, the remnants of a day that keep you up until all hours.”
  • Feist – Metals (stream): I know, I had to. I mean- I’ve gotta keep up the more mainstream position that I hold in this collection of obscure musical finds, right? Plus, I do love Feist shamelessly, and will take every opportunity to spread the love. Enjoy!
  • FWBA – 25th Birthday Mix: To celebrate my 25th birthday, I put together a little mix of some new artists I’ve been into this season.
  • Restless Soul Mixtape Series Vol. 6: My friend Billy plays in a hardcore band from Toronto but has an impeccable taste in music. He puts together mixes on his tumblr that feature some of my favorite artists.

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