Invisible Children: The Protection Plan

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand human nature. A complex matrix of good and sometimes not so good intentions, capable of an equally mind blowing range of actions. And with any system of nature there are outliers. Such is the case here. An extreme evil has been at work in Africa for the past 25 years, routinely abducting children from their families for the purpose of replenishing their army. Teaching them to use weapons, forcing themselves on young girls to create yet more future child soldiers. Something it seems the human mind should not be capable of rationalizing. Thankfully, though, there are outliers on the opposite side of spectrum doing their best to put an end to this. Invisible Children is an organization that works towards ending Africa’s longest running war, and focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation for child soldiers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on a couple fund raising projects now and they are good people with huge hearts. Always looking for new ways to help, they’ve started a program called The Protection Plan that aims to fund community projects that will help villages protect themselves against the LRA and care for those that escape.

Please take a few minutes and watch the video above, it does a much better job of explaining the situation than I can.

I’ve pledged to raise $25 for the protection plan and will be going silent on April 25th for 25 hours to help raise awareness for the program. Please consider helping me reach my goal by visiting my fund raising page here. Or join me in silence.

We were all children once.


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