Digital Harinezumi: Lo-fi video exhibition at Space 15 Twenty

I stumbled across the Digital Harinezumi via blog post from Jakub over at ISO50 back in December. It’s super lo-fi and does a decent job of mimicking an 8mm so out of boredom/intrigue I decided to try it out. Its been traveling with me ever since. It’s tiny and feels like it could break at any second but it shoots some nice footage as long as your cool with not knowing what to expect. I love it because it’s a constant experiment, I keep filming randomness just to see how the camera will record it. Which leads me to the subject of this post..

Superheadz – the makers of the Harinezumi and Space 15 Twenty have put together an exhibition of video shot with the Harinezumi titled, “Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be,” which opens tonight in L.A. I submitted a few of my experiments with the camera a while back and was pleasantly surprised to find one of them had made it into the exhibition. It’s the video included above, which was one of the first pieces I put together. The camera is really sensitive to light and warps color pretty hard so I was looking for ways to test it out. I drink tons of tea and one afternoon I found myself spacing out while watching tea leaves float around a french press. A couple hours later it was time for a fresh cup, so I boiled some water, grabbed a candle, put it behind the french press and started filming while I poured water over the leaves. The camera transformed it into this erie, etherial underwater landscape. Some comments I got back from it were, “I’ll never look at tea leaves the same again,” and “I think I just lost my mind.” I’m not sure if I could ask for anything else.

Side notes:

The exhibition is on display from May 27 – 31 at Space 15 Twenty 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 with a live performance by Take and DJ set by Daedelus at the opening.

The soundtrack is from a mix by Astromatt who does some nice underwater ambient.

If your interested in more videos shot on the Harinezumi check out this Vimeo group. More of my video shorts are available here.


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