Free Music Collection: July 2011

This month has been one of transition for me, I’ve moved back to Michigan, started a new job, and still have no internet at my place. As you can imagine it’s disrupted my routine and severely hampered my daily music exploration. But thanks to coffee shop wifi and amazing friends who relentlessly devote themselves to discovering new music, we haven’t missed a beat. Just in time to fill your bbqs and holiday travels with sonic intrigue, Dave, Tim, Nada and myself bring you…

Free Music Collection: July 2011

Stadiums and Shrines

  • APOCALYPTIC SUMMER MIXTAPE by Noah Wall: MacGyver has about an hour to diffuse this loaded mixtape, or the world ends. Will he do it?
  • DUDES – NARCISSISTS ANONYMOUS: A wildly unclassifiable funhouse locker room gathering arranged by the 1986 LA Lakers. DUDES are all over the textural court, impossible to cover with just one genre. Marv Albert is speechless. He tried “freak-funk-hop…” but then quickly took it back: “…nah that’s not it.”
  • The Bilinda Butchers – Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams: A pop dream you’ve had a thousand times and counting. Worthy of a force-nap, just to get back there again. This is way too easy; this is a big hit. $
  • Daniel Klag – Weird Fiction: If mountains could talk…perhaps they’d drone amongst themselves, trading static thoughtscapes from peak to peak, all heads literally in the clouds. And if that phenomenon were then recorded, it might come out sounding like the ambient transmissions of Daniel Klag.
  • The Wandering Lake – In Passage: Deep, minimalistic celebrations of a life In Passage, or in transit, inspired by Native American myths. At times, its strum-hum-centric inflections recall Panda Bear’s classic, Young Prayer.
  • FWY! – NOWHERE/SOMEWHERE: “Music for freeways”… hard not to picture someone driving somewhere (or nowhere) to this. Open tight, zoom out slowly, pan across desert, now pixelate; cue drum machine, climbing synth, whispers of guitar rock from car radio, fly hits dash. Toll booth $1 per song, but that bandcamp has much to stream.


Smoke Don’t Smoke


Friends With Both Arms


Think or Smile


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Free Music Collection: June 2011

Out of my own music addiction, the Free Music Collection was born. It began, one year ago, as a way to share and chronicle the massive amounts of music that was being filtered through my ears and into my hard drive. Everyday, I follow links, posts or tweets down the digital rabbit hole in search of something new, something worth looking for. Over time I began to realize that many a path would lead to a few of the same places, places that became staples in my audio diet. Of the last 12 months worth of material I’ve shared, much of it was found at these sources I began to religiously follow. This next step only seemed natural.

I’m absolutely delighted to present the next phase in the evolution of the Free Music Collection. The collection is now expanded thanks to the help of music bloggers that I daily look to for new audio finds, bloggers that I respect, admire and am honored to call friends. I feel these blogs/bloggers need no introduction but I’ll briefly explain why I’ve asked each to be apart of this with me.

Stadiums & Shrines: Curated and written by Dave Sutton, aided by photo master Victoria Masters, S&S has become my go to when in need of something transcendental. Not in the sense of being beyond oneself (although that is an entirely possible side effect), but more in reference to the sounds he unearths. Dave artistically presents us with artists and experiences that have no concrete boundaries. Often ambient, psychedelic or atmospheric his finds will likely launch you into a journey of unknown destination.

Smoke Don’t Smoke: Tim Thompson, the mastermind behind SDS, welcomes the new with open arms. I’ve come to rely on Tim’s ear for exposing me to experimental pop, the kind of music that sounds both familiar and new at the same time. He’s integral in giving the blogosphere it’s first glimpse at budding bedroom artists. You can expect everything from synthpop to electro and beats to disco. All set against a sun drenched backdrop.

Friends With Both Arms: Curated and written by Nada Alic, FWBA is where I go to feel human again. I look to her for music that’s full of heart, soul and natural instruments. Nada has a distinct ability to provide you with a moment of comfort in the dizzying digital world, be it via word, sound or vision. You’ll find Canadian kindness and California warmth wrapped in one.

Once through exploring their finds here take some time to visit each of their respective blogs.

Free Music Collection: June 2011

“These selections were pulled from S&S headspace as of late, each mined-out and found to be an exceptional, golden spec in this continuous dust storm that is the Internet.” – Dave Sutton, Stadiums & Shrines


“The musical internet landscape has been a daunting one as of late. And in the midst of already busy lives, the task of foraging for new music tends to lose weight in the hierarchy of needs. These are some of the essentials I’ve managed to gather this month. I hope that by sharing, it can tide us over for at least a little while.” – Tim Thompson, Smoke Don’t Smoke


“When Nathaniel asked me to collect some free music that I found throughout this month to share with you, I felt all squirrel-like, finding mixes and gathering them, just for you. The Very Best “Super Mom” is an awesome mixtape because all the donations go towards the organization I work for, Invisible Children. Also, the Neil Young tribute is fantastic- indie artists re-apropriating some of his classics in a unique and experimental way. Hope you find something you love!
” – Nada Alic, Friends With Both Arms


As always, my selections tend to be electronics hailing from various realms of the soul. – Nathaniel Whitcomb, Think or Smile

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Free Music Collection: May 2011

This month’s collection may seem slightly less expansive than usual, but have no fear, expansion is on the horizon.

Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: May 2011




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Free Music Collection: April 2011

Not quite winter and not quite spring. We find ourselves drifting between seasons, guided by warm, lush soundtracks, luring us back outdoors. April’s free music collection is full of albums, eps and mixes that set the scene for crisp evenings and warmer days to come.

Something new this month: I’ve begun including albums that are offered up with the option to Name Your Price ($). These artists are kind enough to share their music with you regardless of your financial situation so I encourage you to pay what you can to help support the music you love. They put more into their music than most of us can imagine. If you want them to be able to continue, show them some love, however you can. The Name Your Price albums are denoted by a $.

I’ll often post links as they are discovered on twitter @thinkorsmile if you’d like to be in the loop more than once a month. Or you can follow my twitter list of music bloggers who are doing the dirty work of digging these artists up. Follow them and say hello. Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: April 2011

FRESH AIR was a late-night radio program which aired on WKSU (Kent State University) during the seventies and eighties. Archives of broadcasts. Hard to explain… Just explore.

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Free Music Collection: March 2011

I spent the early part February traveling and away from and computers. Coupled with it being a short month I half expected this month’s collection of free music to be scarce. I can happily say I was wrong.

Typically, I start off with all of the experimental pop, whatever that may be, but this month I’ve found myself drifting back to my roots and listening to a lot more ambient and soundscapes, bubbling them to the top of the list. They’ve been my soundtrack to slowly getting back into the post vacation flow and have worked beautifully. If you don’t want to space completely, there are few crossovers this month. Atlantic At Pacific and Space Ghost both float by but with a pulse of beats to slowly head nod to. Acid Flashback does the same with a layering of oddly familiar samples. And Heavy Ghosts do it with a Cocteau Twins-esque guitar and vocal drone. Pick your poison and start the slow ride.

I usually post links as they are discovered on twitter @thinkorsmile if you’d like to be in the loop more than once a month. Or you can follow my twitter list of music bloggers who are doing the dirty work of digging these artists up. Follow them and say hello. Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: March 2011

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