Free Music Collection: May 2012

We’ll pick up where we left off, piecing together our scattered interest to form a new whole.

Free Music Collection: May 2012

Mutual Benefit live at SXSW 2012: For rare stretches of time, things can be perfect, and this was one of those times. Recorded by Tonje of the great No Fear Of Pop, this beautiful backyard set/stand-up routine (and our favorite moment of SXSW 2012) can now live on forever.

  • The Wandering Lake - Ashame: Another stunning collection from the Fayetteville folk-ist that pulls at those Young Prayer-esq strings via guitar, piano, and isolated vocal.
  • Some Ember – Hotel of Lost Light: Brought to us by the ever-reliable Crash Symbols, Some Ember’s debut LP is a ‘body music’ saga narrated with power and séance atmospherics, distinctly dark but not without some glowing embers of pop.
  • Marble Lion - Foliage EP: This short EP (that snuck by last year) finds a young Montreal band in experimental mode, clearly getting heady on their quest for catchy.
  • Dreampeter - Boneglow // Delusions Split: Dreampeter split in half to chill in different corners of the warped-pop sandbox, making this resulting Split quite the playground.

  • Unlimited Free Milk Shakes – Art Week 2012 Compilation: Newly friendship-founded label, Unlimited Free Milkshakes just released this compilation of some of their friends, label affiliates, and lovers, music. It’s full of lo-fi gems, from tape-pop, dream pop, beats, and more. Don’t sleep on it.
  • Friendzone – Collection 1: A beautiful compilation of the collective Friendzone artists. Soft and waving beats. This is something I’d want to play constantly at my spa, if I were to ever open a spa for some reason.
  • PORTALS April Mixtape: This monthly mixtape is strong. Full of exclusives from some of our favorite projects. Perfect for a pure listening experience, and a discovery session all in one.
  • Gay Vegan Vinyl Cassette Compilation – C86: An amazing weirdo collection of some of Japan’s most rare gems. This one is all over the place, but really worth a listen!
  • M|O|D tape I and II: M|O|D crew are making some serious strides to prove themselves. And after these two compilations of each of the five young producers, it’s clear that they are well on their way. Here is the nasty trap beats your all to still booty has been waiting for. Listen and get down.
  • Svengali – Volume 1: More amazing young electronic producers collecting their efforts to bring us beautiful sounds. Don’t want to miss out on each of these amazingly talented artists.
  • Blacks& – A Ghost That Follows Me EP: LA based pop project debut their sound with this sugary sounding three track EP. Solid minimalistic goodness.

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Note: Due to bandcamp’s terms of service artists are required to charge a minimal price after a certain number of free downloads. If that’s the case after our posting you can always stream it and if it moves you, support them with a purchase.


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