Free Music Collection: March 2012

Colors run, heavy from rain. Even the dawn sky must release the relics it’s collected from the shadowy seas below and shifting vapors above. The atmosphere can’t dissolve them all.

Free Music Collection: March 2012


  • Albatross – Murder b/w Caspers Theme: Life Aquatic Records second ever release is this unbelievably rich production from Sydney. Makes you either wanna dance, or take a nap.
  • Leaks: This is a 17 year old Aussie producer who makes subtle post-dub fragile lullabies. Here’s his soundcloud full of free tracks.
  • Persona La Ave – MUSIC TAKES ME HIGHER: A love letter of sorts to music, done in the funk filled, weirdo-beat styling that only Persona La Ave can pull off.
  • Forty Ounce Clothing / Crash Symbols – Dope Island Fuck: These two swaggering entities make love and create an amazing compilation of exclusive tracks from some of my favorites.
  • Ruddyp / XXYYXX – Split EP: These two young beat makers gonna have your head bobbing so hard you might get shakin’ baby syndrome for your brain.
  • Love List 3 – Smoke Don’t Smoke mix tape: A mixtape I made in honor of the three years I’ve been with my lady. An annual tradition of lovelike jams, and sexy sounds.
  • Gremlins – Gremlins: A super collaboration group formed from the likes of Toro Y Moi, Braids, Coma Cinema, and Ricky Eat Acid. It’s as eclectic bouncing and demented as you could hope for. $


  • M. Sage – Music for Cubist Guitar: The follow-up to Music for Interior Shadows, Music for Cubist Guitar is a new sequence in the auditory relationship between M. Sage and the subtlety of objects. Inspired by Cubism, Sage shattered his own guitar-centric folk and stretched it across time, turning ordinary chords into serene, crystallized wavelengths of sound.
  • Sunny Dunes: French producer Kira Perov aka Sunny Dunes has a way with atmosphere, and a number of astral-minded releases at bandcamp.
  • Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Dark Matter: Kiss Kiss Fantastic have care-packaged an album full of cozy shoegaze splendor and generously air dropped it over our entire community for no charge.
  • Welcome Back Saillors – (Love) That’s All: Sailors, masters of the dream pop sea.
  • Flashlight Tag Presents Sky Gem: Tyler recommends this mix be flown with “a decent pair of headphones and a nice hot cup of green tea.”
  • Ad Hoc – On Repeat: With less than a week to go, it’s important that we direct to the Ad Hoc Kickstarter, by way of detour through this excellent playlist they put together.

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Note: Due to bandcamp’s terms of service artists are required to charge a minimal price after a certain number of free downloads. If that’s the case after our posting you can always stream it and if it moves you, support them with a purchase.


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