Free Music Collection: November 2011

One of the most versatile of gemstones, tourmaline, exists in nearly every color, from colorless to black. Some spend lifetimes collecting, searching for a cesation to their appetite. For the happiest no such end is in sight. We revel in the hunt. Music is our gemstone, off-the-beaten-path, our tourmaline.

Free Music Collection: November 2011

Think or Smile

Stadiums & Shrines

  • Max Alper – American History Sex [via FMLY Group Hug]: Stunning work. “Split into three chapters, the album provides three radical perspectives on the theme of inherent progress in maturation and becoming a part of the natural order among the self. Each chapter serves as coinciding explorations into time, and the methods in which varying applications of sounds can invalidate temporality altogether.” – Noah Klein
  • Heathered Pearls – Occupied Sleep: “a meditation on hypnosis, through a highly textural experience of beat and capsule periods of shifting ambiance.” – Dwight of GOTC
  • Each Other – Taking Trips: Underrated Nova Scotian factory-pop act Long Long Long has ended, but luckily now we have Each Other. **Let’s Get, High** $
  • Chocolate Girl: A two-page-deep soundcloud of retro-rhythm and blues lounge-outs, via our beloved beat-finder Flashlight Tag.
  • Hartzine on Beko DSL Compilation: “Challenger, go with throttle-up”—those tragic last instructions from 1986 now introduce one well-curated present time compilation by French website Hartzine, which includes an Ela Orleans’-ed “Beat Goes On” and a ‘Live at Shea’ capture of Philip Seymour Hoffman (which sends me back to a special place).

Smoke Don’t Smoke

Friends With Both Arms

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Note: Due to bandcamp’s terms of service artists are required to charge a minimal price after a certain number of free downloads. If  that’s the case after our posting you can always stream it and if it moves you, support them with a purchase.



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