Free Music Collection: September 2011

As the sun sets yet again this time taking with it summer’s warmth, we survey our surroundings, soaking up all we can in the fading light. We instinctively set our compass to the land rich with sounds, free for the taking, and meet at our monthly point of intersection to share our findings. Slow disco, wandering psychpop, space jazz, post-elevator music, all gold in our eyes.

We hope you enjoy the bounties.

Free Music Collection: September 2011

Think or Smile


Stadiums & Shrines

  • Korallreven – A Dream Within A Dream: Swedes take on some of their favorite songs with their own inception logic in “a wistful glance over the shoulder as summer fades into our dreams.”
  • Lasership Stereo – Soft Season / Meet Local Singles: 2 EPs (one free, one streaming) of steamy, down-pitch jams, to set the *late night* mood.
  • It is rain in my face – Wishbone: Matt Jones—introspective melody weaver, strum-beat soundscaper—on everyone’s favorite digital label, Absent Fever.
  • Música Pop Desempregada – MPD027: vários – 21 anos de MPD: A 21 song salute to the “unemployed pop music movement” in Portugal assembled by Música Pop Desempregada (who sport an eleven-point, blood-signed manifesto). Grainy, odd, light dreams, heavy dreams, lone desert space cowboys, Enya covers…
  • The-Drum: The scattering on this soundcloud is rich with bent ‘n’ broke R&B vocals and that sort of dub-infused trickery that pairs well with headphones.
  • Jjango Cleefworth Morriconez – The Poquito Pioneer: A bootgazing concept album (which arrived by mail, wrapped in a map) about a man driving through the desert, finding refuge “among the roadside vendors and immigrant folktales on his way to the home of his youth in the Salton Sea.”
  • The Bell Peppers – Cooking With Bell Peppers: 50s era swing from Manchester, delightfully misremembered with more distortion and drugs.
  • S&S Guest Mix – Kumon Plaza: Dylan Khotin-Foote’s assignment was simple: pull together anything under the sun. And like the shining student of orbital electronic that he is, he turned in a report entitled Tears of the World At Large Bottled and Sold at Super Markets, documenting 8 choice items (including Balam Acab, Azeda Booth, Kuhrye-oo, and more) on a trip through atmospheric manufacturing.


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