Free Music Collection: August 2011

As this never-ending flow of free music washes in on an August tide, let’s look to our recruited collectors and see what shells left lasting imprints in their sand—from notorious mashups to lo-fi croon-wave, here’s a variety of findings to soundtrack your final month of summer bliss.

Free Music Collection: August 2011

Think or Smile


Smoke Don’t Smoke


Friends with Both Arms


Stadiums & Shrines

  • Petrels – All Things In Common: Neoclassical drone inspired by history. If it weren’t so moving and vastly serious, I’d be tempted to dub this Wikipedia-wave.
  • Moon Glyph – 2011 Sampler: An impossibly heavy psych sampling from the wonder that is Moon Glyph—a Minneapolis-based cassette and vinyl label with its head way up in the sky.
  • Two Bicycles – Window: Cameron Book’s new home opened the window, and ten fresh gusts of that Two Bikes air came swirling in. File under: ambient/guitar/sleeping under a tree.
  • Yung Life – Youth’s Hours: Drum-built pop gems of the no-wave variety…caffeinated punk here, 80s teen movie there. $
  • Beko + Crash Symbols Mixtape: “A hefty slab of noise and pop” brought to us by Dwight of GOTC/Crash Symbols and Beko Digital Singles Label. Tons of rare species on this thing.
  • Rainbo Video – Shadow Relics: Framed around an expedition to Antarctica, Shadow Relics is a minimalistic ride to the brightest of ices. $


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  1. [...] It’s that time again! Think or Smile‘s Free Music Collection. Every month, Nathaniel generously compiles lists of free goodies he finds on the internet, and as of lately he’s asked a few fellow bloggers to join him including myself, smokeDONTsmoke and Stadiums and Shrines to submit some free music mixes as well. I told him that a provide the indie-mainstream picks to balance out all the coolness. What, like you don’t like The Strokes? Anyway, as always, so honored to be apart of this. Check it out right over here.  [...]

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  2. this is awesome. i dig what you guys are doing here.

    Comment courtesy of brick — August 2, 2011 #

  3. Thanks man. Really appreciate it!

    Comment courtesy of Nathaniel — August 2, 2011 #

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