Free Music Collection: July 2011

This month has been one of transition for me, I’ve moved back to Michigan, started a new job, and still have no internet at my place. As you can imagine it’s disrupted my routine and severely hampered my daily music exploration. But thanks to coffee shop wifi and amazing friends who relentlessly devote themselves to discovering new music, we haven’t missed a beat. Just in time to fill your bbqs and holiday travels with sonic intrigue, Dave, Tim, Nada and myself bring you…

Free Music Collection: July 2011

Stadiums and Shrines

  • APOCALYPTIC SUMMER MIXTAPE by Noah Wall: MacGyver has about an hour to diffuse this loaded mixtape, or the world ends. Will he do it?
  • DUDES – NARCISSISTS ANONYMOUS: A wildly unclassifiable funhouse locker room gathering arranged by the 1986 LA Lakers. DUDES are all over the textural court, impossible to cover with just one genre. Marv Albert is speechless. He tried “freak-funk-hop…” but then quickly took it back: “…nah that’s not it.”
  • The Bilinda Butchers – Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams: A pop dream you’ve had a thousand times and counting. Worthy of a force-nap, just to get back there again. This is way too easy; this is a big hit. $
  • Daniel Klag – Weird Fiction: If mountains could talk…perhaps they’d drone amongst themselves, trading static thoughtscapes from peak to peak, all heads literally in the clouds. And if that phenomenon were then recorded, it might come out sounding like the ambient transmissions of Daniel Klag.
  • The Wandering Lake – In Passage: Deep, minimalistic celebrations of a life In Passage, or in transit, inspired by Native American myths. At times, its strum-hum-centric inflections recall Panda Bear’s classic, Young Prayer.
  • FWY! – NOWHERE/SOMEWHERE: “Music for freeways”… hard not to picture someone driving somewhere (or nowhere) to this. Open tight, zoom out slowly, pan across desert, now pixelate; cue drum machine, climbing synth, whispers of guitar rock from car radio, fly hits dash. Toll booth $1 per song, but that bandcamp has much to stream.


Smoke Don’t Smoke


Friends With Both Arms


Think or Smile


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