Free Music Collection: June 2011

Out of my own music addiction, the Free Music Collection was born. It began, one year ago, as a way to share and chronicle the massive amounts of music that was being filtered through my ears and into my hard drive. Everyday, I follow links, posts or tweets down the digital rabbit hole in search of something new, something worth looking for. Over time I began to realize that many a path would lead to a few of the same places, places that became staples in my audio diet. Of the last 12 months worth of material I’ve shared, much of it was found at these sources I began to religiously follow. This next step only seemed natural.

I’m absolutely delighted to present the next phase in the evolution of the Free Music Collection. The collection is now expanded thanks to the help of music bloggers that I daily look to for new audio finds, bloggers that I respect, admire and am honored to call friends. I feel these blogs/bloggers need no introduction but I’ll briefly explain why I’ve asked each to be apart of this with me.

Stadiums & Shrines: Curated and written by Dave Sutton, aided by photo master Victoria Masters, S&S has become my go to when in need of something transcendental. Not in the sense of being beyond oneself (although that is an entirely possible side effect), but more in reference to the sounds he unearths. Dave artistically presents us with artists and experiences that have no concrete boundaries. Often ambient, psychedelic or atmospheric his finds will likely launch you into a journey of unknown destination.

Smoke Don’t Smoke: Tim Thompson, the mastermind behind SDS, welcomes the new with open arms. I’ve come to rely on Tim’s ear for exposing me to experimental pop, the kind of music that sounds both familiar and new at the same time. He’s integral in giving the blogosphere it’s first glimpse at budding bedroom artists. You can expect everything from synthpop to electro and beats to disco. All set against a sun drenched backdrop.

Friends With Both Arms: Curated and written by Nada Alic, FWBA is where I go to feel human again. I look to her for music that’s full of heart, soul and natural instruments. Nada has a distinct ability to provide you with a moment of comfort in the dizzying digital world, be it via word, sound or vision. You’ll find Canadian kindness and California warmth wrapped in one.

Once through exploring their finds here take some time to visit each of their respective blogs.

Free Music Collection: June 2011

“These selections were pulled from S&S headspace as of late, each mined-out and found to be an exceptional, golden spec in this continuous dust storm that is the Internet.” – Dave Sutton, Stadiums & Shrines


“The musical internet landscape has been a daunting one as of late. And in the midst of already busy lives, the task of foraging for new music tends to lose weight in the hierarchy of needs. These are some of the essentials I’ve managed to gather this month. I hope that by sharing, it can tide us over for at least a little while.” – Tim Thompson, Smoke Don’t Smoke


“When Nathaniel asked me to collect some free music that I found throughout this month to share with you, I felt all squirrel-like, finding mixes and gathering them, just for you. The Very Best “Super Mom” is an awesome mixtape because all the donations go towards the organization I work for, Invisible Children. Also, the Neil Young tribute is fantastic- indie artists re-apropriating some of his classics in a unique and experimental way. Hope you find something you love!
” – Nada Alic, Friends With Both Arms


As always, my selections tend to be electronics hailing from various realms of the soul. – Nathaniel Whitcomb, Think or Smile

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