Free Music Collection: March 2011

I spent the early part February traveling and away from and computers. Coupled with it being a short month I half expected this month’s collection of free music to be scarce. I can happily say I was wrong.

Typically, I start off with all of the experimental pop, whatever that may be, but this month I’ve found myself drifting back to my roots and listening to a lot more ambient and soundscapes, bubbling them to the top of the list. They’ve been my soundtrack to slowly getting back into the post vacation flow and have worked beautifully. If you don’t want to space completely, there are few crossovers this month. Atlantic At Pacific and Space Ghost both float by but with a pulse of beats to slowly head nod to. Acid Flashback does the same with a layering of oddly familiar samples. And Heavy Ghosts do it with a Cocteau Twins-esque guitar and vocal drone. Pick your poison and start the slow ride.

I usually post links as they are discovered on twitter @thinkorsmile if you’d like to be in the loop more than once a month. Or you can follow my twitter list of music bloggers who are doing the dirty work of digging these artists up. Follow them and say hello. Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: March 2011

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