All alone with Lykke Li

I’ve never really imagined what it would be like to be alone on a deserted island before. Perhaps I have in passing while playing “what are your desert island top 5 albums,” but I’ve never put much thought to the emotional state it might put one in. Until now.

This video from Lykke Li, who I don’t really know much about, has made me seriously consider what being alone on a beach, forever, might feel like. I think there would be moments in the silence where you could transcend beyond yourself, with no other human contact even your own thoughts would become tiresome. You would likely create games for one to pass the time, shifting grains of sand from one pile to the next. Maybe followed by a solitude induced madness or by the fact that you can never win a game for one. But I think mostly it would feel like each moment simply melted into the next creating an infinite loop of blurred time. It’s worth pondering, although I can’t say it’s something I’d like to experience.


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