Think or Smile tour with Holy Spirits & Mutual Benefit

Over the last several months I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Brooklyn based band Holy Spirits, which began back in August of ’10 when I made my first attempt at visualizing how I see music, by injecting motion to my traditional collages. Out of that first video many friendships and collaborations were born and I have since finished motion collages for each track on their debut ep, “The Afternoons’s Blood,” all in preparation for a small tour together where I will be projecting/manipulating the visuals live. After two successful shows in Brooklyn last month and the aid of our wonderful Kickstarter supporters, the time has finally come to take the show to the West coast. We’ll be joined on tour by Mutual Benefit, who I’ve also created motion collages for (see Stargazer) and California’s own Steffaloo. If you’re in the LA, SF, Santa Cruz area January 19-21, we’d all love to see you at the show and thank you for all your support. Here are the details:

I’ll also have very limited edition signed/numbered prints of the above posters available at the show if you’d like to take a piece of the evening home with you :)


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