Mark Leibowitz’s Backstage

Mark Leibowitz is an LA photographer whose portfolio blends fashion, portraiture, reportage and travel. But the photos that caught me eye are his “backstage” images taken from¬† coverage of fashion shows. I’ve never been backstage at a fashion event, I’d like to but haven’t. I imagine these photos, however, are the next best thing. He manages to capture the pure energy of the night. Garments flying by creating color fields, faces blurring into nothing but shades of skin tone, melding together both to create a collective memory. Almost as if you’re seeing several peoples perspective on the moment at once.

It’s also New Years Eve, so I need to get off the computer and bid you farewell until next year. If your night manages to come anywhere close to the energy and love coming through these images I think you’ll have brought in the new year with success. Cheers and happy New Year!


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