Free Music Collection: January 2011

December was a month to reflect back on 2010 so there really wasn’t a ton of new releases to share here. There were, however, piles of year end mixes covering nearly every genre that came into existence in 2010. So that’s where we start this month’s collection, with a super chill mix from Korallreven, a party mix from GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Infinitour and even a couple that bring back some 90s R&B – perhaps a glimpse of whats in store for 2011?

Hope you can look back on the year and smile.

If you need new music daily rather than monthly, follow me on twitter @thinkorsmile. I typically post links there as they are discovered. Or you can follow my twitter list of music bloggers who are doing the dirty work of digging these artists up. Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: January 2011

We Get By – Years End Vol. II – Last month I made mention that I was passing on my own “best of list,” opting instead to take part in a project celebrating this past year in music with many other bloggers and artists. Well here it is. It includes a 12 track mixtape of favorite (downloadable) songs of the year as well as top 15 releases of the year as selected by No Modest Bear, Stadiums And Shrines, Head Underwater, Michael Of Holy Spirits, Dead As Digital, myself, Smoke Don’t Smoke, Ears Of The Beholder, No Fear Of Pop, Rollo & Grady, Weed and Ghost Animal. Click the image above (or here) to read more on the project.

If you’re feeling any of these artists show ‘em some love and go see them live. Looking forward to another year of amazing music!


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