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Since starting Think or Smile back in March I’ve had the good fortune of connecting with some truly amazing people and taking part in a few projects I probably couldn’t have dreamed of a year ago. I’m very grateful for all the things I’ve learned and experienced on this journey so I wanted to share a small token of my appreciation with all who’ve joined me along the way. Without further ado…

I’ll be giving away seven packages that include one of each of the following:

Think or Smile Collage Print – Signed 9″x12″ digital epson print on enhanced matte paper.

Handmade Collage Poem Bookmark – painstakingly cut from vintage National Geographic magazines and hand laminated, each piece is one of kind. You can read more about them here. I’ll select one from my collection to be paired with one of the New Directions books below. You can view a small portion of the bookmarks I’ll choose from here.

New Directions Book from the Pearl SeriesNew Directions Publishing has graciously provided their current 7 offerings from the Pearl Series, which highlights selections from the best work of master authors, including Yukio Mishima, Federico García Lorca, Javier Marías, Tennessee Williams, Jorge Luis Borges, César Aira and Sir Thomas Browne. More on the Pearl Series can be found in this suburb write-up. I’ve read a couple ND books this year and they’ve helped get me through creative blocks on more than one occasion. I’ll select one book from the series to be paired with a bookmark.

How to enter: Simply comment on this post between now and December 25th 2010, sharing an experience you’ve had with Think or Smile this year. If you’re new to the site, tell me something interesting… really, I just want to hear from you :)  I’ll pull the 7 winners at random, either from a hat or via random number generator, which ever seems more fun at the time. You can only win one package.

Extra entries: If you share this on twitter or facebook I’ll count those as additional entries, so you can essentially enter three times. Just make sure to mention or tag me, otherwise I’ll have no sure way of verifying. Twitter: @thinkorsmile #giveaway // Facebook: Think or Smile // Short URL:

Since entries close at 11:59pm 12/24/2010 these packages won’t go out until after the Christmas weekend. Consider it an after Christmas present.. everyone likes gifts at odd times, right?

*items pictured above are not to scale… they look more like this.

And the winners are...



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    Nathaniel Whitcomb, Nathaniel Whitcomb. Nathaniel Whitcomb said:
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    print, handmade bookmark and a New Directions book [...]

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  2. When I happened to stumble across your website I was blown away by the beauty present within. I stopped everything I was doing and read every single word and gazed at every single image and listened for hours. Then I told everyone I know about the website. Truly one of the most delightful finds all year. Thank you.

    Comment courtesy of Kim — December 15, 2010 #

  3. Since immersing myself in the prolific world of blogging and furthermore of music, I’ve come across the most dynamic and immensely progressive people. Although there have been so many that have enhanced this experience and have made an indelible impression as innovators in my mind, the astounding work of Think or Smile has taken me by awe as it is ingeniously unprecedented and weaves together the most admirable aspects of a multitude of artistic forms, outlets, and mediums. Since getting the remarkable opportunity to know you Nathaniel as well as your work and more so collaborate with you, I have been influenced by your pastiche of brilliance to such an extent that it has too inspired my personal artwork. I can only express my appreciation and admiration, thank you.

    Comment courtesy of Eloise — December 15, 2010 #

  4. Is there seriously only 2 comments on here?! Well glad I can finally see this bloody thing and enter to win some amazing loot you have here.

    There’s really been too many moments appreciating what you do, and being able to commiserate than I can recount here. But I’ll tell you, I loved the idea of trading favorite albums. Though I have been either too self involved, or “busy” or just plain afraid that my repertoire of music might not be impressive to you to participate on my end. But, I have to get over myself at some point I suppose. So that is actually what I’m going to do right now, after I finish this comment. I’m going to rummage some more, and dig some more to find the special album to send back to you.

    Thank you Nathaniel for being a source of inspiration and for being talented beyond words, in more areas than I knew talent could exist. Can’t wait to meet in real life soon my friend.

    Comment courtesy of Tim — December 17, 2010 #

  5. A lot of blogs inspired me to start up my own this year, but the way Think or Smile’s tone is one of a sincere interest in whatever the subject may be, which it seems you feel strongly compelled to write about, really helped me consider how I wanted to approach my own style of writing.
    The minimal web design style also appealed to me, and looking at the source code helped me understand certain fundamental’s of website building which I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere.
    Lastly, Nathaniel, your continued involvement in so many projects with other blogs and musicians is an huge inspiration for me to get more proactive myself, and I look forward to doing so in the same spirit of sharing that you promote.
    Thank you!

    Comment courtesy of Stephen — December 18, 2010 #

  6. This is my first time on your site, and from the above comments I truly am looking forward to following your work and journey through art and music– two things that, in my opinion, have the ability to make people–strangers– feel completely connected to each other by the sense of life it evokes or takes away, and the emotion it reveals in us. I have a long plane ride back home for the holidays and intend on playing your mixtape … on repeat. Thank you.

    Comment courtesy of patty — December 20, 2010 #

  7. Hi, again.. I know I just commented, and I’m not trying to re-enter this contest again or manipulate the odds.. Just wanted to update you: Fmade my first visit to think-or-smile count, and after over an hour have to call it a night, but not goodbye to the site. Again, thanks.

    Comment courtesy of patty — December 21, 2010 #

  8. Truly love your work! Your mixtapes have made this year much more bearable… Happy to know that you share my love for ND books, by far my favorite publisher… You have been a true inspiration!

    Thank You!

    Comment courtesy of Emmanuel — December 22, 2010 #

  9. There is so much beauty in everything Think or Smile does. From the perfect mix tapes to the mind blowing ‘living’ collages, everything is inspiringly flawless. But perhaps the greatest achievement is how human everything feels.

    Whenever the world starts to feel like it is going to shit, this is a good place to stop by and remind yourself that maybe we’ll be able to turn things around yet.

    Thanks for existing.

    Comment courtesy of Jeremy — December 22, 2010 #

  10. You were a superhero in my time of need! I was desperately trying to find someone to design a poster for the show I was hosting. A couple tweets back and forth and two hours later your beautiful design appeared in my inbox. I don’t think I can express how thankful I am for your help! Nathaniel, you are such a talented and kindhearted man. I can’t wait until we meet in real life.

    Comment courtesy of Katie — December 22, 2010 #

  11. I stumbled across this blog during late summer and WOAH is all I could say! Since then I’ve been visiting plenty to see what new sounds have been shared. Everything is aurally & visually delicious. A neat little treasure chest.

    Must say, I am definitely lusting on this blog.

    Comment courtesy of Carly — December 23, 2010 #

  12. If my memory serves me right, which often doesn’t but on occasion can be counted to do so, I found your site a few months ago through a mixtape elsewhere for which you had done the artwork, maybe through Dead As Digital. I try to keep up with the site, but the usual suspects (work, wine and dines, and such) have feasted on my blog-reading time lately. Until now. Christmas Eve. Catching up on what you’ve had to share while I wait for that goof Santa to come and go. Cheers!

    Comment courtesy of malzhuri — December 24, 2010 #

  13. PS:
    by the way, have you seen/heard of j.s. foer’s new book: tree of codes. structure reminds me a bit of the poems you did. very neat.

    Comment courtesy of malzhuri — December 24, 2010 #


    Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter and sharing some thoughts about the site with me. I loved hearing what you had to say and will definitely keep your comments in mind as the blog continues into the new year. Thank you all again.

    The seven randomly selected winners were Jeremy, Eloise, Katie, Kim, Carly, Tim and Stephen.

    <3 Nathaniel

    Comment courtesy of Nathaniel — December 27, 2010 #

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