Maria Kallin: Day dreaming a Christmas walk

Maria Kallin is a photographer out of Sweden who has the ability to make everything she shoots look delicious. With the exception of the birds above, I want to eat all that she photographs knowing full well it may not be edible, yet still hoping a taste would transport me into the color field dream world she captures around her subjects. I chose these photos from among her rather large portfolio because they so nicely embody this time of year, at least here in the Midwest. They seize a certain chill in the air but manage to leave you with a warmth scarcely felt outside the holidays. Looking at this sequence of images I imagine a Christmas Day walk along the edge of the woods, snow crunching below taking special care to freeze these memories in time. Perhaps I’m idealizing these a bit much but as I’ve said before, I love to day dream, and these made me forget what I was doing for 20 minutes, and to me that’s a successful photograph. And a successful 20 minutes at that.

You can also check out her etsy shop where Maria has a number of prints for sale. Found via designworklife.



  1. Oh, thank you so much, it is an honor to be featured in
    your beautiful blog ♥

    Comment courtesy of Maria Kallin — January 2, 2011 #

  2. My pleasure Maria! Thank you for taking such beautiful photographs.

    Comment courtesy of Nathaniel — January 4, 2011 #

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