Delicious Scopitone, thank you.

When I started this blog 9 months ago I never expected to be where I’m at this very moment. Exhausted from late night after late night of learning new video software, chopping up clips of video I actually made, prepping for a live performance with artists I greatly admire. As much as I want to sleep for a month straight, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Delicious Scopitone and the thriving community they were so deeply apart of played a rather large part in all of this and for that I thank them. DS brought to the world such a consistent, carefully curated array of new music and video that I found myself lost in post after post admiring the talent they shared with all of us. It was these many months of watching and listening that started me thinking… I wonder if I can do that?

Since then, with the aid of 7,000 cups of tea and piles of old magazines, I’ve had the pleasure working with some really amazing people on projects that I’m genuinely proud to be apart of, among them this thank you/tribute to DS. You can read more about it here as well as download the 8 track mixtape with songs from Ghost Animal, Steffaloo, Maize, Mutual Benefit, Memoryhouse, Mount Pleasant, Porcelain Rain, and Coma Cinema.

Thank you also to Eloise and Krista for putting this project together and Mutual Benefit for allowing me to put my vision to Stargazer. I feel very honored to be apart of this with all of you. Much much love.


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