Free Music Collection: October 2010

October is upon us and, at least in the Midwest, Mother Nature has made her shift to sweater weather.. in my opinion, the best kind. Accordingly, this month’s collection features a few more albums on the darker side to balance out the flood of sun-drenched tunes over the summer, but still includes plenty of beats, electronic and even a few mixes on the jazzy side.

Unfortunately, this month we saw Bandcamp change their terms of service and are now asking artist to pay to give away music, but even though they haven’t been playing very nice there’s still a lot of great music being shared. Some are finding alternate routes of distributing and others are trying to make due with the new system. So I apologize if some of these links (or past month’s) have hit their quota and are no longer free, but you can still have a listen.. and if you dig it, show them some love and help fund their next album.

If you need new music daily rather than monthly, follow me on twitter @thinkorsmile. I typically post links there as they are discovered. Or you can follow my twitter list of music bloggers who are doing the dirty work of digging these artists up. Happy exploring.

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: October 2010

Collaborations presented by Dead as Digital, Stadiums and Shrines and The Road Goes Ever On.

Featuring collaborations between:  Top Girls and Guerre, Teen Daze and Jaded Hipster Choir, Weed and Foxes In Fiction, Closed Cassette and Top Girls, Ghost Animal and Rachel Levy, Ghost Houses, Holy Spirits and Gem Club, Seeing Suge (Star Slinger, Emay, Blackbird Blackbird), Pepepiano and Warm Waves, Gay Boiz (Kumon Plaza and Rachel Levy), and Star Slinger and Pandit.

If you’re feeling any of these artists show ‘em some love and go see them live. As always, if you have any music to share hit me up on TwitterFacebook or good old fashioned email.


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  1. Support all these artists! Such an epic list of tunes!

    Comment courtesy of ◊GrappaFrisbeeRecords◊ — October 18, 2010 #

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