Motion Collage Poem to the tune of Holy Spirits

As of late I’ve been in experimentation ADD mode, testing the waters anywhere I can. This time around I wanted to combine a few of my recent endeavors, collage poems, subtle animation and working more closely with music. I have a lofty goal of writing, scoring and animating my own short film in the not too distant future and I know I have a lifetime left to learn but I feel like these experiments are slowly leading down the proper path.

For this video I worked with the music of Brooklyn’s Holy Spirits. Their (free) demo EP, The Afternoon’s Blood, self-described Baroque pop, sonically achieves the depth and layering that I try to convey in my collage work. The slowly building harmonies they construct with voice I’ve attempted to visually recreate with subtly shifting layers, before coming to rest on a piece of the whole. As the sound moves forward it deposits small pieces along the way, building our experience of the finished work. I listen to a lot of different music as inspiration for my collages and the ones that meld best always have room for thought, ambient but still provide something of substance to grasp onto. Holy Spirits fit the bill quite perfectly.



  1. Hey, love the work you’re doing here!

    a technical question: what application(s) are you using to create the motion collages? flash? aftereffects?


    Comment courtesy of Patrick Byrd — February 26, 2011 #

  2. Thanks Patrick!
    I primarily use aftereffects. Sometimes premiere pro but not as often.

    Comment courtesy of Nathaniel — February 27, 2011 #

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