Sascha Ciezata: Short film for Imperial Bedrooms

“The Crossing Place” is a short animated film by Sascha Ciezata created in honor of the release of Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis, Ellis’ follow up to Less Than Zero. I wish I could compose a more intelligent post about the novels but I’ve not read either of them. The reason I’m sharing this short is because that’s about to change. It’s not very often that I see hype for a book and actually want to read it, but¬†Sascha managed to put together such a good promo that I plan on grabbing Less Than Zero tonight so I can get caught up.

The short I found to be completely mesmerizing. It’s minimal looping illustrations coupled with Andrew McCarthy’s narrative had me entranced the way an animated gif would have back in 1991. I think part of the intrigue comes from the fact that he created it on the iPhone, another testament that you don’t need tons of money to make something.. just a head full of ideas and ambition. I’ve been wanting to do animated shorts of my own collages lately and seeing this may just be the motivation I needed.

Btw – This may not be safe for work.. depending on where you work.


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