Sebastiaan Bremer: Divine Spark from the Heavens

Sebastiaan Bremer is a dutch artist working out of New York. This my first encounter with his work even though he’s been exhibiting since the 90′s. Much of it involves manipulating photographs with ink morphing it into something entirely un-photographic. From what I can tell though, this series marks a departure from a darker body of past work, opting for less manipulation and lighter subject matter.

When I first saw these I was mesmerized and instantly curious as to how he made them. Turns out it’s merely acrylic paint and inks applied to a snapshot, but that simple technique applied to these already gorgeous photos really makes them that much more captivating. It seems to capture and freeze the movement of imagination, or the feeling of wonder brought on by being trapped in a snow globe of bubble gum. Looking at these I feel like I’m suspended in time but can’t help imagine an atmosphere full of pop art drippings falling from the sky. You’d think an experience like that would warrant a slight freak out but the people in the photos are completely nonchalant, which I think is why I can’t stop thinking about these. Juxtaposition of the mundane and the strange are typically a good recipe for my imagination to run wild.. but in this case it’s putting a smile on my face at the same time.


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