Ross Ching’s Distortions: Experimental video project

Distortions is a film experiment by Ross Ching inspired by a work of reflective art. Aside from the really nice footage he captured with a Canon 7D deep within the Anza-Boreggo Desert, what I love about this is that it’s merely an experiment. A project done out of love, for the sole purpose of just seeing where a technique can take you, like Clemens Kogler’s phonovideo experiment. What you’re seeing above is distorted video played back on a rotating monitor with a chrome cylinder placed in the middle. When it’s reflected back by the cylinder it takes out the distortion to reveal the original video. Seen in tandem though is where the beauty of the experiment shines through. As you watch it everything begins to blend together, the distortion and the reflection become more than a sum of parts. Landscapes become abstracted and you’re faced with thinking about what new place has just been created? While the soundtrack isn’t something I’d typically post here, it’s still absolutely worth a watch for visual aesthetic alone.

Ross has also done a nice job of explaining the idea behind Distortions and documenting how he created it. If your interested you can read more here as well as see the undistorted version.. more proof the Canon 7D can do no wrong.


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