Ten minute trains of thought, with no destination in mind

Ten minutes is a nebula of art, music, words, thoughts curated by twenty year old hong kong expatriate Joanne Lam. I came across it by way of a recent Kitsune Noir post of Danica’s. Essentially, Ten Minutes is a series of mixes that run ten minutes long accompanied by art and a random contemplative phrase. Seems simple enough, but I was intrigued by the idea of what could be done in only ten minutes. To be honest I was a little disappointed on first impression, it auto played the mix with nothing but an illustration to look at.. BUT then I found the archive. There you’ll find 24 past mixes with a little more substance, a hazy noir black and white photo, tracklisting and a poetic line for you to think on, like “it can even mock the invisible world with its own shadows,” or “here is always somewhere else.” The mixes are all very chill, rich, earthy and quite ambient at times. Each mix, with image and text, is quite thought provoking, even poetic. She says they’re ten minute trains of thought, with no destination in mind, which I can vouch for.. I’m actually having a really hard time writing this because I keep spacing out on number 17 and number 1. It’s not the kind of stuff I’d listen to everyday but I am impressed by some of the track selections. I thought I had a pretty solid knowledge base in ambient music but there’s a handful of really nice tracks that I’m going to have to look into, which I love.

So if you’re the kind of person that enjoys ten minutes alone with your thoughts, put on some good quality headphones, preferably late at night and just space. Now I’m going to emphasize the headphone at night part because I tried a couple of these out at 11am while working and had to move on, they just weren’t doing it for me. But now, as I write this, at 11pm, I can’t seem to focus on anything.. although, that could also be the chamomile tea.


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