Free Music Collection: June 2010

I’m addicted to new music. There I said it. I’ll freely admit to spending much of my free time seeking out new soundtracks for the week. Luckily there are countless sources out there for free [LEGAL] tunes.. mixtapes, EPs, demos. In the interest of chronicling and sharing I’ve decided to start posting a monthly collection of links to the free music I’ve dug up. I’ve no plans of analyzing or breaking down everything, there are already good resources for that.. like Jakub’s finds over at ISO50, Alex’s blog.H34 or Gorilla vs. Bear. I’ll simply link to the things I’ve downloaded and enjoyed. Everything from deep south hip-hop to minimal Detroit techno to heady L.A. beats to blissed out synth pop.

This first one is probably a lot to digest because I have quite a backlog of links to share. Moving forward I’ll likely adjust the collection frequency as needed, either bi-weekly or bi-monthly. If you are the kind of person who wants to know about new shit immediately, like myself, I post new finds as discovered on twitter @thinkorsmile - Follow me here if you want to be in the loop. As always this is a work in progress so any comments / suggestions / recommendations are welcomed / appreciated.

Make sure to check out my mixtapes while your here or have a listen to the latest mix on the Soundcloud player in the upper right while your exploring. Enjoy!

Think or Smile | Free Music Collection: June 2010

Hip-hop & Beats

Synth pop, chill wave, uncategorized & just chill

Techno, house & shit with soul



  1. dude I dig this a lot! great job!

    Comment courtesy of Tim — June 16, 2010 #

  2. Thanks Tim! Much appreciated. I’ve grabbed a handful of gems from your site for the next edition so keep it coming.

    Comment courtesy of Nathaniel — June 16, 2010 #

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