Corrected Paintings: Robots in a landscape

I love it when artists have a sense of humor, so it was refreshing to see the work of John Lytle Wilson, someone who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously. A lot of his paintings are popped out scenes of brightly colored robots and monkeys, which are quite entertaining, but the work I’m particularly drawn to are his corrected paintings, of which he says,

“Ocassionaly, an artist will paint something, but neglect to include robots and/or monkeys. When I can, I fix that.”

He does what every artistically inclined 15 year-old boy wants to do to their grandparents Thomas Kincade knockoff, which is undoubtedly hanging on a wood paneled wall.. he adds robots to it. Robots that destroy pastoral cottages with their laser eyes or just freak the fuck out of white-tailed deer. Its such a simple idea but brilliant. It’s exactly the kind of painting I want hanging in my (wood paneled) cottage when I’m old.. or in my office now. There’s just no way not to smile when a soul-less Kincade landscape gets invaded by robots. I can’t wait to see what they destroy next.


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