Responsible packaging: Coke bottle redesign

This packaging redesign for Coke has gained a lot of attention recently, not just because it looks cool, because it’s extremely smart and it was created by a freshman at CCS in Detroit for his midterm project! His name is Andrew Kim and he’s managed to put together a thought through responsible package set, according to his blog “quickly.” After browsing the hundreds of comments on his original post I found the range of responses interesting. Mostly, people love it and stop there, but there are many who take the idea and run. It’s the latter that validates the project. People are chiming in to expose it’s flaws, saying that the shape won’t withstand the pressure of carbonation, while others are offering counters, suggesting he look at Japan’s manufacturing process since they have been using square bottles for years. What I enjoy most is the creative dialogue sparked by the start of a great idea. All it takes is one person to initiate it and others will flock, hopefully helping make it better. Needless to say, this freshman has a lot ahead of him. Check out his blog to see loads of sketches for ideas on everything from shoes to headphones to concept cars. I’m sure this is only the first in long career of good design we’ll see from him.


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