Landschaft mit haus: Minimal color field contemplation

I really like this illustration series “landscaft mit haus” by Maria Zaikina. It makes me think that if David Hockney had Frank Stella’s eye for minimal color field and Andy Warhol’s obsession for repetition, this is what he would create. As minimal as these may seem they’re much more than copy/paste Illustrator files. The series is centered around the idea of constant motion, travel and contemplation. Imagine you’re on a road trip in the passenger seat spacing out while staring out the window. You’re lost in thought as you suddenly become of aware the landscape, a glimpse of a pre-storm purple or a sun-drenched meadow against a stark blue horizon. These paintings are snapshots of those memories, those feelings. Through repetition she does a nice job of conveying this ever changing contemplative landscape. Its refreshing to see that minimalism and color field are still utilized as a contemplative force.


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