Urban light interventions

Luzinterruptus, is an anonymous art group carrying out urban interventions in public spaces using light as a raw material and dark as canvas. Aside from the amazing visual, these extremely temporary installations do what all successful art does.. it makes you think. All of their projects start with a simple idea, shine light on a social issue that is going unnoticed. The most recent execution is Jardín para un futuro, no muy lejano (Garden for a not too distant future) which is a “criticism, of a humorous tone, at the lack of green spaces in large contemporary cities.” I first noticed their work when photos of Batalla ganada al tráfico (The battle has been won against the traffic) started circulating. The visuals are so striking that you can’t not stop and think about it’s purpose. Especially if you happen to encounter it in it’s physical space. It’s mission worthy of undertaking and I’m looking forward to future urban interventions.


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