Puppy Love: Lo-fi animated Japanese dating game

I stumbled across this video from Justin Walls over at the Kitsune Noir blog and was struck by his challenge to watch it all the way through because it was ‘weird.’ That was enough reason for me to click it. I’ve watched it 4 times this morning.

The graphics are so lo-fi they take you straight back to the days of your first animated gif clusterfuck of a GeoCities page, all artfully tinted through a vintage 70′s lens. The soundtrack is a perfectly orchestrated trip through the 8bit laced ’90s, which I’ve managed to dig up at 8bitcollective. Don’t let the fact that it’s lo-fi fool you either, there’s a lot of attention to detail, including what would be code hiccups in the game system and subtle syncs with the soundtrack. You can tell a lot of work/time was poured into this simply for the love it, which I appreciate.

If you like his style, he has a handful of prints and, oddly enough – yet appropriate, sticker sets available on his site MILKBBI. After spending a couple minutes clicking around you’ll realize that his GameBoy was a close companion growing up. It makes me wonder if game designers in the 90′s were consciously aware of the influence they would have on a generation.


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